Sunday, December 28, 2014

NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

wow just now found this new trey smith vid.. what a gift.. LOVE his
vids.. so useful for ministry tools, i am sharing this with my 30,000 +
music fans... thanx trey! blessings brother

Illuminati's Running Man To Digital Man! Go Iron or Go Clay Mix

the sex toy woman is eventually replaced with the self obsessed
man..jagger.... no more need for the whore, as in revelation 17:16...
new race is metro sex.. like the angels neither male nor female...
fallen ones in their truer likeness.. no longer needing females to

Deadly Shots & III Strand DNA/Interview from N68's Secrets of the Georgi...

strand of dna made of silicon.. is coated in gold.. the real need for
gold..  for the fallen ones given to us as solution inoculation and
"protection "from rabies like virus  making us mind control; non free
will slave workers for the elite.. the surviving(serving ) worker
class   also another different use of 3rd strand specially programed for
elites life longevity ... the Mark of the beast..666 ...3 numbers ,3
strands? some thoughts..haha

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hidden Mountain: Hidden Mountain painting and song

Hidden Mountain: Hidden Mountain painting and song: Hidden Mountain painting and song please share this post :D

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Its Time for a Reminder before 911...NEW WORLD ORDER

looking for a well rounded pastor for ur family?

Looking for a well rounded pastor for ur family? A solid not sold out , simple dedicated, not famous, not materialistic at all,pastor of THE WORD OF YHWH, THE BIBLE, THIS MAN IS IT! teaches at a small church , dirt poor, and honest and well informed on very controversial subjects, studied the greek and hebrew enough to understand not just a word here and there but grammatical sentence structure. This is my gift to you this year, meet my friend and teacher Mike Philips   may YHWH bless you richly in  wisdom of the real WORD, 
                your friend, Mishel Hidden Mountain

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Prophecy Club - Zen Garcia: Lucifer the Father of Cain (Part 1) Jul...

i have known this for 20+ years and taught it.. it makes al of rest on
bible make sense if folks don't get the foundational teaching right the
rest will never make sense.