Monday, May 23, 2016


love and lie as far away as day and night
yet they kiss at sunset and at dawn
something is surely wrong
cause they can never really share
how can folks say they care and lie
is like telling us we are blind when we clearly see...
when we love it is the right to be
inside the things we hide
we just can not love and lie
truth even spoke by a fool is brilliant
purity and honesty are lovers that no force can separate
wait abide loose our mind and find our heart
start where we are and end where we were
go through the door that was opened
before we became
remain open to the art of fate
hate only that which divides us from truth
the tree of love has no root of lies
when we love it is the right to be
inside the things we hide
we just can not love and lie

song by Hidden Mountain

Hebrew please?

prefer the Hebrew but i allow myself to speak to folks where they are at.. and not make it a stumbling block or a learning curve that one wreaks on .. knowing there are some awful holy name only folks with no love...."you have done many things IN MY NAME (YHSHUA the only name anyone ever called him,in flesh) yet, i never knew you..."

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Flat Earth~EH YEH ASHUR EH YEH mp3

EH YEH ASHUR EH YEH = I AM THAT I AM (Hebrew)also first part of the
Bible , the creation of Heaven and Earth.... Thanx for watching my vids !
Dedicated to friends @FlatEarthCity @BobRylettMusic @EnochsFlatEarth for
the love this week :D i am not worthy of such noble friends...but i'll take ya'll anyway ;D

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#flatearth FIREFOX space ship?

Todays FIREFOX icon looks like it is #flatearth disquised as space ship even with a close sun "ray" and double reflector moon 4 pillars and possible island worlds outside a dome center

Mike Flatbird vid

lovely and well suited to "flat earth" only thing i would add is we can do nothing "good" except by the will and power of YHWH through the deed done by Messiah YHSHUA
Mɪᴋᴇ Fʟᴀᴛʙɪʀᴅ
+Hidden Mountain ~ THOSE are the PERFECT additions dear Indeed ☺ Much love to YAH<3<3<3
Hidden Mountain
+Mɪᴋᴇ Fʟᴀᴛʙɪʀᴅ right on.. yep i like the idea of getting rid of the controllers but as a be-liver in prophesy of bible scripture i know humans can not pull this off... we just can't get past the trouble and evil without a messiah .. yeh.. we have one! halleluYAH YHWH~YHSHUA 17TH chapter of Luke.. very cool he included it to the speech.. wonder how they got that in the script of a no doubt zionist false "jew/judah/israel" controlled holly wood.. pretty amazing. much love back at YAH<3<3<3

stars.. and creation
sonoluminescence.. wow girl... so freaking biblical... so glad u are working for YHWH.. in the beginning was the WORD .. gee and all things created by the WORD.. YHSHUA word(s) of life..and then science saying that basically everything is particle (light ) or energy (spirit).. could it be lucifer was too much light and not enough spirit or just wanted to have his own spirit the "light" came to be flesh.. matter and he fell with it creating it..this matrix flesh light world.. fallen stars fallen lights.. those who stayed abided in Holy spirit.."energy"... the two forces.. light and energy.. matter and spirit ... flesh and eternity... haha i am only 2: 20 seconds into ur vid.. i love u and ur amazing work

  ok now i recall this.. i actually see stars looking like this with just my eyes.. everything here lines up with first few lines of genesis.. and John.and the word was with YHWH the. word.. ruach..air spirit sound( could sound WORD be the essence of the SON YHSHUA.. spirit..HE creates with is the inspiration.. breath,spirit RUACH HA QODESH.. the the earth .. not heaven.. "became " in hebrew tuhu va huru= void and without the buble in the water jar ruach /word expanded... created and then collapsed.. void

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prophesy NOW Obama drops BOMB 1st of 2 parts

Prophesy NOW Obama drops BOMB

OBAMA gives the " 2 FINGER salute" To ALL AMERICANS

Obama RED ALET ..OBAMA AND THE QUEEN telegraph nuclear destr

gold horse in between queen and harry.. red horse in painting over
queens shoulder in last scene metal and miry clay.. wounded men (with
metal legs and FEET like Daniels statue in a race)wheel chairs, fire
burning in background between queen and harry... Michelle totally
flexing her manly muscles wearing funeral like attire military dude
wears a bowtie.. since when does millitary do that.. he is the boom dude
.. bow tie is "a party".. 2 bars on phone ii is an "11" or towers and
gates , bael towers up now to usher in the fallen is the
culmination of the witches festival Beltane which began with the rising
of the Bael tower in LONDON the new york one is "delayed" but still
promised.. delayed for the "flood"? .. the prince" Harry" = Esau.. war
uses 2 fingers to hold book ( absolutely hard way to hold a book)
another ii also the two towers of the masons...obama(nation -of
-desolation) has a "C" over right shoulder and of course the I AM on the
other .. C I AM-see i am.. looks like three differnt branches of
military behind Michelle and Obama.. the runners look like prince harry
and obama... red haired and black man..there was a hug pic of a red
haired and black man in the book