Friday, April 4, 2014

1st day of unleavened bread

4/4/2014 "friday"... this is the 15th day since the equinox, in the first month of Abib, 1st day of 7 days of unleavened bread, first full day of Christ in the tomb ,crucified yesterday taken down from cross at sunset , because of days of unleavened bread beginning today , today 1st day of unleavened bread, yesterday was passover and so we celebrate the raising from death of YHSHUAH Messiah 3 1/2 days later... that would be this monday morning this year, the 7 days of unleavened bread will be through and finished on next shabbath next thursday.... these are not popular interpretations, but the sun does not care whether you believe in it or not.. it is there for signs and seasons.. we are the children of the day not the night (lunatics) we should not try to place YHWH's sabbaths and holy days around the moon.

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