Saturday, August 30, 2014


casting pearls escaping flies do i have an alibi for running from these lies hiding from these stones thrown from the hands of snakes OH YHWH did YOU give the snake his hands or has he stolen them from me gliding on YOUR belly of creation leaving his awful excretion on all that is lovely true and wise cunningly strangling all that is holy and pure what would YOU have us to pray for satan waits on our floors by our front doors our eyes our feet our ears and now his army inserts these insults in our heads are we not YOUR temple defend us YOU YHWH are all we trust he arises from the shores of the seas we YOUR children abide in mourning pleading for YOUR SPIRIT to save us from these stones that our own hands have thrown for satan the wise and shining one who sealed the deal by crucifying YOU and YOUR SON teach my hands to pray to worship and obey only YOU YHWH only YOU YH teach these hands to war to fight with all my life satan this snake can use my hands no more
 POEM~PRAYER by Hidden Mountain

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