Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Confession (actor ?) part 1

A rumor is this is an actor interview .. because of other out take
edited footage where the interviewer is maybe "helping" to define the
answers.. but Kubrick is old...not "directing"
this...and if it was fake they would have done a better job at faking
it...and (BIG ONE)would have definitely NOT released the edited
"outtakes"..:D ...SO as i often judge things .. who profits? Follow the
money... vid not sold... nobody getting famous.... does not exalt the
gov. lie... that is why i posted... everyone knows he did it.. he stated
it clearly in Shinning movie and Wag the Dog is clearly about it ..If
this is a "HOAX " interview, who paid for it or gained from it? It would
only be fuel for the folks that believe in a cover-up. The filmer and
interviewer gained nothing cause it was not sold nor did their names get
mentioned. If it was the government, it surely serves them no makes folks question every thing Gov. does one perpetuate such a world wide HUGE
LIE?....They get the high ranking folks in the know addicted to child
porn or drugs or blood even (Al Gore )... threaten to kill loved ones
for talking .. BLACK-MALE... I am 3rd generation of family that worked
on secrets with the CIA and FBI.......i know so much from my murdered
mother alone, that I can not even mention..... a lot to think about!

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