Thursday, January 1, 2015

add my FULLY FREE music app and get 100% OFF MY PAINTINGS

100% OFF my profit of my paintings for the next 10 folks who upload my FULLY FREE music app to their phones.

I am currently #2 worldwide Ambient musician

This offer is good for 30 days only. And only for 10 folks.
It can be used to buy any of my prints and cards and canvas prints,even phone covers and pillows!

the check out code to use is

100.00% OFF my profit (i can't give more than this.. the rest is cost of print ect.)

total amount of folks that can redeem 10

number used as of Dec 30th is 1

offer begins12/30/2014
offer ends 01/30/2015

here is link to where to get my FULLY FREE PHONE MUSIC APP

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