Wednesday, January 7, 2015

christian hate grows exponentially

it is so amazing to me the sheer amount of hostile folks and comments left on my youtube vid playlist for christian movies, prophesy and truth.. i just can not imagine how atheists support themselves and still find time to scour the internet watching and commenting on vids they apparently hate..i sure don't have time to do that with say "porn" or some other genre i hate.. just seems BEYOND SATANIC.. like there is a hord of full time christian "haters" .. here is the latest as of this morning   "christianity is hateful, imaginary nonsense............."  perhaps i should even the playing field by spending my entire week posting this to "porn" is hateful, imaginary nonsense.............
would it change anything? of course not .. i can no longer imagine what the demon possessed mind is like , sure doesn't even seem like they even have one.

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