Wednesday, May 18, 2016

stars.. and creation
sonoluminescence.. wow girl... so freaking biblical... so glad u are working for YHWH.. in the beginning was the WORD .. gee and all things created by the WORD.. YHSHUA word(s) of life..and then science saying that basically everything is particle (light ) or energy (spirit).. could it be lucifer was too much light and not enough spirit or just wanted to have his own spirit the "light" came to be flesh.. matter and he fell with it creating it..this matrix flesh light world.. fallen stars fallen lights.. those who stayed abided in Holy spirit.."energy"... the two forces.. light and energy.. matter and spirit ... flesh and eternity... haha i am only 2: 20 seconds into ur vid.. i love u and ur amazing work

  ok now i recall this.. i actually see stars looking like this with just my eyes.. everything here lines up with first few lines of genesis.. and John.and the word was with YHWH the. word.. ruach..air spirit sound( could sound WORD be the essence of the SON YHSHUA.. spirit..HE creates with is the inspiration.. breath,spirit RUACH HA QODESH.. the the earth .. not heaven.. "became " in hebrew tuhu va huru= void and without the buble in the water jar ruach /word expanded... created and then collapsed.. void

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