Sunday, May 1, 2016

Obama RED ALET ..OBAMA AND THE QUEEN telegraph nuclear destr

gold horse in between queen and harry.. red horse in painting over
queens shoulder in last scene metal and miry clay.. wounded men (with
metal legs and FEET like Daniels statue in a race)wheel chairs, fire
burning in background between queen and harry... Michelle totally
flexing her manly muscles wearing funeral like attire military dude
wears a bowtie.. since when does millitary do that.. he is the boom dude
.. bow tie is "a party".. 2 bars on phone ii is an "11" or towers and
gates , bael towers up now to usher in the fallen is the
culmination of the witches festival Beltane which began with the rising
of the Bael tower in LONDON the new york one is "delayed" but still
promised.. delayed for the "flood"? .. the prince" Harry" = Esau.. war
uses 2 fingers to hold book ( absolutely hard way to hold a book)
another ii also the two towers of the masons...obama(nation -of
-desolation) has a "C" over right shoulder and of course the I AM on the
other .. C I AM-see i am.. looks like three differnt branches of
military behind Michelle and Obama.. the runners look like prince harry
and obama... red haired and black man..there was a hug pic of a red
haired and black man in the book

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