Saturday, October 5, 2013

psst... "got peace"?, looking to score some?

"Peace" is a habit... it is not something that u suddenly get.. that would be a "brief respite" from trouble... NO ONE, NO PLACE, NO SITUATION, NO THING GIVES YOU TRUE PEACE... a momentary respite perhaps... true PEACE is enduring and passes even our own understanding. A HABIT does not suddenly happen.. you must start it and continue and abide and endure .. then .. it is so strong that it is hard to even stop... practice PEACE.. right now... drink it up in the trials of everyday , until u are drunk with it... continue in PEACE every day ,just to get by, till you just don't feel like you can get by without it... IF YOU REALLY WANT PEACE... know it's designer, the artist and prince of it.. fall madly in love with HIM.. FIRST a friendship.. THEN a full on desperate passionate longing.. be smitten with this habit and do whatever you must , to get it, everything is secondary, sell your stuff give up acquaintances .. become a "PEACE JUNKY".. a real habit takes effort.. and determination.. it is personal and all consuming....if you are waiting for peace.. u will never get it.. it is a habit.. it must be pursued.