Saturday, October 5, 2013

The point

Our existence and lives and meanings are fully wrapped up in KNOWING YHWH, like it or not.  YHWH is not a "church" or a place (mountain) or a lifestyle (hermitage) . OUR FATHER is the creator of the spiritual blood (holy spirit) that gives and animates life itself... seems to me He is the one most important Einstein said... "I WANT TO KNOW GOD... ALL ELSE IS DETAILS"...hmmmmm ..the meaning of find know ,prove,and share truth...truth that is not relative but constant.. eternal... holds true universally... grand unified theory .. that every proven force ( stuff that holds true to everyone in all places and times) that all forces have a unity... a purpose.. a link of connection... will science find YHWH before His "followers"... hmmmm.. at least they are not afraid to speak of the search for fear of being harsh or politically incorrect... strange world age... wrong to speak of the artist that paints us... i will NOT EVER stop speaking of the one i love the most... i am fully smitten by HIS LOVE and grace.. take my "life" and leave my soul to be eternally abiding with it's wonderful artist.
So my point is, it is not about me... i have been silent alone hermit abiding on mnt... many many years.... more than anyone i ever the point i am making is what is THE POINT...??? TRUE PEACE a place position, a thing, person, skill, NO.... THE POINT is the reason we all exist.. to KNOW and to GLORIFY OUR CREATOR... to be part of our ETERNAL FAMILY and abide in that knowledge.
u can flirt, talk about ur sex life.. ,ur adulteries, lying governments.. intimate crap even .. but mentioning something like "do you know the artist of all creation".. sheesh..this is considered mean and intolerant... what an awful world.. when pottery can not echo the voice or reflect the image of it's own potter... sad... :(
i have lived in nature , mostly alone or with my son over half my life... PEACE IS NOT ABOUT POSITION.. it is peace in YHWH .. one must choose to abide in this peace all their matter where they are ,otherwise we really do not know HIM... do you and i really know HIM?.. that is what my point is.. does anyone really KNOW YHWH?..seriously... this is what the question of your life is... this is what we will all be asked and find out when these dramas.. this movie.. this "life" ends.. will MESSIAH YHSHWH say to us "DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU!!!"... NO GREATER DESOLATION could ever be found than to realize you had the chance to be loved and personally know the maker of existence and you chose not to,, or thought you did , but, HE however  WAS CERTAIN YOU DID NOT..
no YHWH no LOVE...
The point!