Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sarcast City

Sarcasm, the foundation of almost every word i communicate.. i can hardly imagine speech without it... only way for a truth lover to avoid immediate imprisonment for hate speech..i spit out sarcastically veiled truth, add a chuckle :D  & "LOL".. (and before "non-sarcs" gets IT) i hide..
my strategy for Armageddon :D , LOL....(hide)

Clear da floor while i sho mi breakdance interpretation ..yo
Thinking of running for mayor of Sarcast City. My choice of political mottos "NO... i can't".... "i did NOT have sex with THAT man"... "it depends on what "IS" is".... "i DID INHALE"... "READ MY HIPS, no New Texas"....... TOOO LATE U SNOOZE U LOOSE... IMA CLAIMING EM ALL 4 THE CAMPAIGN .... 
Sarcast City citizens unite ! A sovereign city /state/nation ..like London or the Vatican...a "corporation" like the U.N. and or Rothschild's with it's own currency of smileys and "LOL's" of money... muhuhahahaha 
Resistance is futile ( or possibly fertile ) the tree of liberty is fertilized by the blood of the sarcastic martyrs ! oops.. ok forget that last statement.. LOL....(hide) 
It only follows that we will have to fend off not so funny attackers with our own military styleings...methods like.... dry British( no back music track) humor .. waves of broadband shows like "Keeping Up Appearances " will be our protective force beamed using satellite star wars technology at would be resistors .